• Working with data

    Creating and setting up graphical objects for working with data.

  • Automation

    Automate user actions and business processes.

  • Popular DBMS

    Work with several DBMS: PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite.

  • Import data

    Import data from XLS, XLSX, CSV, XML.

  • Export data

    Export data to XLS, PDF, HTML, JPEG.

  • E-mail

    Downloading letters to the database using IMAP protocols, sending letters via SMTP protocol.

  • Working with files

    Download and upload files from databases.

  • HTTP

    Sending and downloading data by HTTP request.

  • Work environment

    Creation of individual workplaces of users.

  • Flexible settings

    Detailed setting the level of user access to information.

  • SSH

    Remote access to the system, including through the SSH protocol.

  • SIP

    Integrated VoIP module for integration into a common information system.

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