User friendly tool for creating information systems

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New opportunities for your business

Efficient and easy tool for creating information systems and solving wide variety of problems of your business. From easy catalogs to advanced systems, which covers all structure of company.

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3 in 1

ProjectDB is used for solving three type of tasks:

  • Development of IS
  • Management of IS
  • Maintenance of IS.

Simple, convenient and fast — for prompt response to questions raised by your business.

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  • Flexibility

    Working in ProjectDB is like assembling constructor. The program offers a range of objects (table, form, report, action), each playing a particular role in working with data. You can combine objects in a necessary way to create a user interface. ProjectDB provides flexibility to develop an information system of almost any type from a simple telephone directory to an ERP system.

  • Client–server

    ProjectDB serves as an interface, the configuration of the information system itself is stored on the server. All business processes are carried out on the server. Changes made to the configuration of the information system are also applied directly to the server. This allows you to guarantee the integrity of the data, provide a quick display of changes in the project, work on the project in a team and much more.

  • SQL

    ProjectDB works as an extension of DBMS and uses the language of the DBMS itself. This makes database user interface development easier, because no other programming languages are needed. As a result, ProjectDB doesn't impose on its own languages or libraries.



Under the hood of ProjectDB everything you need to create effective information system.

From database user interface to fully automate processes.

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  • Import data
  • Automation
  • Popular DBMS
  • Working with data
  • Export data
  • E-mail
  • SSH
  • SIP
  • Work environment
  • Flexible settings
  • Working with files
  • HTTP
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