8.9. Connexion


8.9.1. Logging in

At this stage it is possible to log in and check the result.

To do this: Select Menu > Login; In the appeared window, click Yes; In the User field enter jsmith; In the Password field, enter jsmithpw; Select the Save Password item; Click Login.


On the left, you will see a desktop and a list of available objects. 




8.9.2. Result 

After creating the above objects, you can check their operation:

action 1210 Files opens the corresponding table with attached files;

action 1213 Upload uploads file to the database from a local disk;

action 1211 Open opens file;

action 1212 Download downloads file from the database to the local disk;

action 1214 Delete closes file from viewing, leaving the file itself in the database. 



8.9.3. Next

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