9.6. Ajout de l'Action 1005 Nouveau Ticket


9.6.1. Adding Action 1005 New Ticket 

To connect action 1005 New Ticket to object 1204 Incoming mail: Open object 1204 Incoming mail for modification by double-clicking the left mouse button; 



Note: if you want to study context menu design process in detail, follow the steps - If you already know how to do this, skip the steps - and go to the step In the Context Menu field, click the Advanced button; In the appeared window call the context menu; Select Add Menu Item; In the field Object select from the drop-down list action 1005 New Ticket; In the Action field select 4-Run; In the Active Action field, select 1-Yes; In the Modifier Key field select 2-Ctrl; In the Key field enter 3; Click OK



Note: If you followed the steps -, skip steps - and go to step Download the file archive containing the settings of objects; Extract the files from the downloaded archive; Open the context menu by right-clicking in the data area; Select Import settings from the file; In the appeared window specify the path to the file 1204_Table_3; Click the Open button;


All action settings will be imported. Select Menu > Save Close the object by clicking on the corresponding button. 



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9.7. Adding Object 1204 Incoming mail