9.8. Connexion


9.8.1. Loggin in

At this stage it is possible to log in and check the result.

To do this: Select Menu > Login; In the appeared window, click Yes; In the Username field enter jsmith; In the Password field, enter jsmithpw; Select the Save password item; Click Log in.


On the left, one can see workplace and a list of available objects. 




9.8.2. Result 

After logging in, you can check the result:

when you run action 1220 Download emails in object 1204, e-mails are downloaded;

attached files are downloaded;

if mail subject has ticket number in the format [# xxxxxx], e-mails are downloaded directly to ticket comments;

attached files are downloaded as well;

action 1005 New Ticket allows registering a new ticket, automatically attaching the letter to the ticket. 



9.8.3. Next

Step 10. Sending Mail