Getting Started

This guide contains ten steps to create the information system for registration of support tickets with the possibility to track ticket history, as well as send and receive letters from and to the information system.


This section allows you to explore the main advantages of ProjectDB program and to learn the basics while creating the information systems. Once you gain this knowledge, you will quickly and easily create your own database interfaces.


Note: PostgreSQL is used as DBMS (data base management system). Each step contains SQL-queries to create necessary objects. It is possible to execute SQL-queries step by step. In addition to this, all SQL-queries listed in section All SQL-queries.


Note: All steps should be carried out sequentially. You can skip steps only if it is written in the instruction.


This guide provides two options:


1. Following all the instructions step by step - a notification will appear as you go through training;

2. Following the instructions step by step with the possibility to import readymade configurations - a notification will appear as you go through training.




Step 1. Downloading, installation and connecting