7.6. Connexion


7.6.1. Logging in

At this stage it is possible to log in and check the result.

To do this: Select Menu > Login In the appeared window, click Yes In the field Username type in jsmith; In the field Password type in jsmithpw; Save password Click Log in.


On the left, you will see workspace and a list of available objects. 




7.6.2. Result 

After logging in, you can check the result:

executing action 1004 Start Processing sets current user as responsible for the ticket;

status of the ticket changes from New to In processing;

object 1002 Tickets displays tickets with current status other than Closed;

object 1003 Closed Tickets displays tickets with current status Closed;

object 1203 Latest Comments displays latest comments in tickets. 



7.6.3. Next

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