8.3. Création de l'Action 1211 Ouvrir


8.3.1. Creating Action 1211 Open

There are four actions for working with files: 1211 Open, 1212 Download, 1213 Upload and 1214 Delete.


To create action 1211 Open: Call the context menu of the folder 1200 Comments; Select New Object > Action In the Properties window, enter 1211 in the Object Code field, enter Open in the Object Name field; Open object 1211 View for modification by double-clicking the left mouse button; 



Note: if you want to study action design process in detail, follow the steps - If you already know how to do this, skip the steps - and go to the step In the Action field click the Advanced button; In the appeared window call the context menu; Select the item Add Action; In the Name field, enter Run function In the Action Type field, select 10-Get AF from Database from the drop-down list; In the Source Procedure field, select f_get_file from the drop-down list; Call the context menu; Select the item Add Action In the Name field, enter Open file; In the Action Type field, select 3-Save AF to Local Storage; In the Open File after Saving field, specify 1-Yes Click the OK button; 



Note: If you followed the steps -, skip steps - and go to step Download the file archive containing the settings of objects; Extract the files from the downloaded archive; Open the context menu by right-clicking in the data area; Select Import settings from the file; In the appeared window specify the path to the file 1211_Action; Click the Open button;


All action settings will be imported. Save changes by selecting Menu > Save or by clicking the appropriate button in the toolbar; Close the object by clicking on the corresponding button. 



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